1: A match will consist of five singles games of 301 best of 3 double start and two games of doubles 501 best of three straight start. Bull up for singles once, away player will throw for the bull first and the winner of the bull throws first in the first and third legs. Doubles games same rules as the singles

2: The minimum amount of players require to constitute a match will be three

3: The distance from the floor to the centre of the bull is 5 feet 8 inches the throw to the bull is 7 ft. 9 1⁄4 in.

4: The match will start at 8:30 pm with the first three names on the card all three players must be in the room the rest of the team must be in the room by 9:00 pm anyone arriving after 9:00 pm WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

5: The home team marks the board, the away team shouts the accumulative score after each dart once shouted the score stands even if that dart falls out. If a player chooses to have his score shouted after all 3 darts have been thrown then only what is in the board will be called

6: It is permissible to tell a player what score remains but not how to achieve it

7: Each team will send a delegate to each league meeting, failure to do so will result in a £10 fine.

8: After 16 leagues games each team will register their players (£2 per player) after this any newly registered players must be as a replacement for the original ones with an additional £2 to be paid.

9: Any team playing an unregistered player will be fined £10 and lose 2 points from the league.

10: Any team not turning up for the match will fined £15 and the game awarded to the opposition 7-0.

11 The team will be awarded two points for a match win

12: If teams are level on points, final positions will be the one with greater amount of ends won, if still the same the prizes will be shared

13: As for the shadow league those teams who occupy the bottom half of the league at the end of the first half will play for a prize, in addition to any monies due from their overall league position

14: The use of electronic score boards is allowed providing it is an up to date machine (i.e. how many darts in each leg)

15 No cancelling of any league matches at all.

16: The match result will text to Rob on 07718179197 + any information about the game like highest starts/finishes and least darts used in the singles/doubles.

17: Its is the responsibility of the WINNING team to send the result in, the result must be sent in no later than 11am on the Friday morning after the game was played.